It's a Marathon

April 14th, 2022 · 29 mins 22 secs

About this Episode

Why are any of us even doing this thing called #LiveDigital? We decided to jump into the wayback machine and try to trace how we got here. Join us as we talk through some of the most important takeaways from building the #Giveback Concert long before hybrid was a thing.

Episode Topics:

  • The pressure of one night events for two audiences
  • The difference between creating a concert as a volunteer and then turning it into a business for other people
  • What is valuable to digital and in-person audiences
  • What questions should you be asking if #LiveDigital might be your answer
  • What happens when you break the ability to be in physical space with each other (spoiler alert: concentrate on what it means to be in time with each other)
  • What non-profits can take away from our success at building a volunteer army to put the concert on
  • Starting with clear goals and building the creative around those
  • The Fickle, Facile and Flexible nature of technology in #LiveDigital content
  • What to look for as you build creative and technical teams to power your broadcasts

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