What a Season! w/ Carlyn Connolly and Joe Chisholm of Marquee Digital

April 7th, 2022 · 1 hr 11 mins

About this Episode

We’re so excited and honored to celebrate Marquee Digital’s first anniversary by chatting with founders Carlyn Connolly and Joe Chisholm! When we talk the news in Tech and Theatre on Twitter Spaces each week, we always hope we’ll get to run into the incredible people driving the change in the news - and that’s exactly how we met Carlyn and Joe. A year later, they’ve become friends, collaborators, inspirations and fellow entrepreneurs riding a new wave of theatre folks building startups. Their interactive digital programs are more than just a collection of information - they are building community and connection that is powering the next generation of theatre makers.

Other Episode Topics:

  • Sophomore Slump
  • Waiting tables at Broadway celeb hangout Joe Allen
  • Needing Big Space for Big Ideas====
  • The history of the lower case p playbill
  • Microdosing and Voice Memos
  • Theatre People talk Web3
  • Myths and Hymns

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